I & DT

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is important that companies develop unique skills which enable them constantly to renew and perfect their processes and services.

Operating on a competitive and constantly changing market, Estereofoto relies on innovation as its strategy for maintaining its leading positions in the field of Geoengineering.

As a service providing company, Estereofoto considers innovation can be divided into two distinct and complementary concepts:

  • Development of technology associated to the services provided

The new technologies developed in the field are becoming more and more essential to the greater efficiency of the service provided. Since new solutions are being constantly developed in this field, it is essential to accompany these new technologies with the most efficient ways of providing clients with our services.

  • Development of new services or methodologies

The use of new methods enables the adequate management of abilities and technical means, making the services we provide more efficient.

The I&DT Nucleus appears as a response to the need to systematize the activities and ideas which will be developed in this field. As a result of its enterprising strategy, Estereofoto has know-how as well as internal resources and I&D skills. Nevertheless, the company realizes that these processes must be carried out in an organized manner and put into medium/long-term perspective.  

In this field we have come to develop important partnerships which have resulted in veritable innovating projects such as the recent VIAPAV System, result of the technological partnership with INETI.

It is a dynamic System for the Management and Maintenance of Road Infrastructures.

More details on http://www.viapav.pt/.